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Academic Work is a staffing and recruitment company for young professionals - students and graduates at the beginning of their careers. Our site focuses primarily on three groups - companies with staffing needs, job seekers and existing consultants. We strive to have a site that is user friendly and consist of a logical navigation structure with high technical performance.

Privacy policy At Academic Work, we care about protecting your personal integrity. To make sure that the personal data we collect is processed in a responsible and secure manner, we work actively with data protection issues. By reading our privacy policy you can learn more about how we process your personal data and what rights you have according to applicable privacy regulations. If you have any questions about our privacy work or our processing of your data, you are always welcome to contact us.

A cookie is a text-based data file that the website requests to save on your computer. The purpose of cookies is to provide web browsers with access to various features and services on the web page, as the site via cookies stores information.

By visiting and using the site you agree to the use of cookies. You can also approve the use of cookies through your browser settings. Browser settings can also allow you to deny the site to leave a cookie, however this may mean that some services on the site do not work.

Information about our cookies

There are two types of cookies to be stored on your computer or mobile – permanent cookies and session cookies. A cookie can also be set as a first party cookie or a third party cookie where a third party cookie is switched off to another site. Here is a list over our Cookie Overview.

We use session cookies on our website. It is a form of cookie that is only stored temporarily in your computer's memory while you are active on the site. The cookie disappears when you close your browser and we use this form of cookie for communication between your computer and our server to work. Our session cookies allows you to use our various features and services as optimally as possible on the site. They provide us with no information about you as a user, nor can they convey any viruses to you.

The purpose of our cookies

We use web cookies on our site to improve your site experience and for certain services on our site to work, for example when you apply for a job or log in to your profile. We also use cookies for marketing purposes and statistics in order to improve the user experience for you as a visitor. The information that we collect is also used by third parties.

We use cookies from third parties such as Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Sales Manago etc., in order to evaluate and adapt our marketing efforts. The services use aggregated attributes and user behavior to customize your marketing experience. We are also using cookies from Google Analytics in order to measure and evaluate our web. The purpose is to make improvements and simplify our visitor´s experience. We also use aggregated data from Google Analytics to improve our marketing efforts. In order to protect your personal data, we have customized Google Analytics to anonymize your IP-address. We never send personal data trough cookies. The cookie persists 24 months after the last session.


Our site is tested to work with most browsers and OS and our aim is to make a page that works for everyone. Since we have chosen to use modern technology for our site, problems may occur when using older browsers. The site has also been tested and optimized for mobile devices - smartphones and tablets - in the iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Android phone and tablet, and works optimally in the browsers Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox

These are the desktop browsers that we have tested and optimized our site for:

Internet Explorer 11
Mozilla Firefox 5 and above
Safari 4 and up
Google Chrome all versions

When using other and/or older versions of your browser than these, some pages may appear incorrectly. We hope you have forbearance with the need of upgrading your browser to a newer version if this is the problem and you will then be forwarded to for further instructions. In order for our site to work properly, JavaScript and Cookies authentication are also required in the browser.

To improve the site, you need to have this set up in your browser. In Internet Explorer, the Tools / Internet Options / Security / Custom Level / Scripts / Active Scripts option should be enabled and the Tools / Internet Options / Privacy / Advanced / Override Auto Cookie Options checkbox cannot be selected.

In Firefox, the Tools / Settings / Privacy / Cookies / Allow Website Stores Cookies and Tools / Settings / Content / Enable JavaScript check boxes should be selected.

In Safari, enter the menu of Safari/ Security and select the Enable JavaScript checkbox and select “Always” to the right of the “Accept Cookies” heading.

In other browsers, the way in which JavaScript and Cookies are enabled may look different, however, usually the options are usually below the browser settings.

Please link to the Academic Works website but be sure to follow our guidelines: Any form of linking that violates law, regulation or other authority's instructions is prohibited. Alos - linking from sites that are and / or may be perceived as immoral, offensive, offensive, racist, violent or otherwise inappropriate - is not allowed.

All our job ads have unique url:s. As long as the assignment is available, the job ad's url is active. If you want to list our jobs on a job portal, for example, please contact us for approval. Contact us at

Linking to the Academic Work website via a logo must always be approved by Academic Work before publication. Contact our marketing department for approval of usage of our logo as well as the correct format ( Academic Work is a registered trademark to be handled in accordance with established guidelines and it is important that our graphic profile is followed and that the logo is not modified. Therefore, be careful not to adjust the logo in color, shape or proportion. The symbol must not be separated from the company name. When using our logo, be sure to respect the free area that will surround it. The logo should be placed against a white background.

Academic Work reserves the right to decide which links should be on the site. The links we have on our website are designed to facilitate navigation for our visitors as well as to provide further information about the companies we help with staffing and recruitment.

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