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The situation in Ukraine – FAQs

These are answers to the most common questions regarding the current situation in Ukraine and Academic Work's view on and response to it.

What does Akind say about the current situation in Ukraine?

We at Akind are greatly concerned and dismayed about the war in Ukraine. We continue to hope for a cessation of hostilities and a return to diplomacy, to reach a peaceful solution as soon as possible.

Akind has taken the decision to suspend any business activities in Russia because of the current overall situation and the great uncertainty and upheavals it means. This decision also applies to consultants with assignments present in several markets, including Russia.

As we hope this crisis will come to an end as soon as possible, we are committed to helping Ukraine and its people in the best ways we can, both monetarily as well as through more practical initiatives. We do not take this situation lightly, and with our greatest compassion we certainly #standwithukraine

How are Akind supporting Ukraine and providing help for its

After the invasion on February 24, Akind decided to make a donation of 60 000 EUR to three organizations present in Ukraine through different means. This donation was distributed equally to UNICEF, Red Cross, and Journalists Without Borders, who all are supporting the people in need: the children, the people, and the journalists on site.

In addition to this, we have also engaged in more hands-on initiatives to help refugees in a more practical and long-term context. Our field of work and broad network enable us to provide support close to our own core business - such as education and jobs – that are one of many steps toward a safer environment.

  • Together with several industry colleagues in Sweden, we are part of

    opening a center where Ukrainian refugees can find suitable occupations or find relevant education to enable that.

  • We have also started a collaboration with a Finnish labor union to

    access staffing opportunities, including both short- and long-term assignments to fit a variety of needs.

  • We have also ensured that our English-speaking job ads are easier to

    find on our websites in all our markets, to be of better support to those looking for occupation without needing proficiency in local languages.

We are also incredibly proud and humbled by the amazing efforts that have been made by our co-workers and local offices. Several creative ideas have raised generous amounts for charity organizations in Ukraine, all of which have been initiated by co-workers from different offices in all our markets. From opening their own homes to welcome refugees, to arranging auctions and bake sales to collect donations. Actions of showing heart that certainly prove what it means to truly live our values.

Are any employees within the Akind companies affected by the situation in Ukraine?

We have confirmed not having any employees in either Ukraine or Russia. Prior to this situation, we had Finnish consultants who were based in Russia for certain assignments, who we decided to immediately send back to Finland after the invasion.

Despite that, we know that many of our co-workers have friends and acquaintances in these countries, which of course is incredibly worrying. The same goes for our colleagues in the industry with a presence in Ukraine, with whom we are in contact to see if they need our support in any way.

What impact does Akind believe a lengthy conflict will have on the industry?

While the world is tremendously affected by this war, and foremost devastated by seeing how Ukraine and its people are suffering, we hope and believe our industry can act in helpful ways as a response to this situation. Having a steady occupation or being able to find accessible education in skills and fields to access that is one of many steps toward a safer environment. Steps that we can and will support with, in very practical ways.

Meanwhile, the labor market is experiencing a shortage of both skills and candidates in many industries, which is why every competence is highly valued. Our different offers are therefore of significant importance, not only to clients and candidates, but now also to the refugees who might find some security and stability from finding work.

How has Akind acted historically in times of crisis?

At Akind, we are committed to helping those in greatest need, to the greatest extent we possibly can. This includes donations in certain situations like the current one in Ukraine, as well as ongoing actions to offer support where it is most needed.

Another example of this approach, is the substantial donation we made to charity organizations in Syria when the civil war began in 2011.

Akind has also been a sponsor and partner to “RAMP (Rapid Acceleration Management Program) at Stockholm School of Economics, which is a program that enables new arrivals to integrate into the Swedish labor market.

We also have a long-term commitment to helping the development of schools in Zambia, what we call “One Percent Movement”. Each year, we donate 1% of AW Group’s net profits to enable the purchase of tools and materials needed for building schools in villages where that is needed, as well as the support of other educational activities. This project has been active since 2004 and has helped over 10 000 children attend school. This commitment is also shown in the possibility for our co-workers to donate 1% of their net salary each month, to help orphan children in Zambia get a basic education.